SATURDAY’S CHILD is Australian musician, producer-songwriters Victor Stranges and Frank Apicella.

Stranges and Apicella became acquainted when they separately attended a recording session run by legendary Australian record producer Mark Opitz AM at Thirty Mill Studios Melbourne Australia in…

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Victor Stranges & The Futurists

After a successful launch of the Elvis Costello Songbook show a couple of years ago at The Spotted Mallard, Victor Stranges has put together a group called The Futurists to perform Costello's catalogue as a band. "It's a real indulgence…

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Everyday I Write The Hook at The Drunken Poet

It was a pleasure to perform for the first time with wonderful Melbourne pianist Mike Dupp at the Elvis Costello Songbook evening at The Drunken Poet last night. Melbourne has a lot of Costello fans and we had a few…

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Launch Night - Everyday I Write The Hook

January 26th was the launch at the Spotted Mallard of Everyday I Write The Hook - Victor Stranges Plays The Elvis Costello Songbook. The show was well attended as Victor single-handedly presented over one and a half hours of pure…

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Everyday I Write The Hook...

Victor Stranges Plays The Elvis Costello Songbook

His admiration for Elvis Costello started when he played drums in his first serious band in the 1980s. It was a punk band playing a three chord country rendition of Oliver's…

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Update for 2018

I had taken a break from performing and recording for a while. The years tick away raising a family and keeping up with the day job. I've recently taken a break from work and I now have a renewed vigour…

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News: 13th March 2013







Victor Stranges and DC Cardwell playing at the historic Mission To Seafarers in Melbourne

I am performing a one off show with Northern Ireland award winning songwriter and musical partner, DC Cardwell (now…

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News: 9th October 2012

Remembering Chris

Chris Haylock (9th January, 1969 - 24th June, 2012)

I had the privilege of meeting Chris Haylock through a jam session with DC Cardwell and I was instantly hooked. He played in a few bands but that…Read more

News: 12th May 2012

The last few months...

I recently signed an agreement with a company in the U.S. to provide instrumental versions of my songs from Hello Me To You for potential placement in TV shows. I am now about three quarters of…

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Music For Libya and songwriting

We have had an interesting year so far. The European Debt Crisis, a potential new carbon tax (in Oz), the U.S. debt ceiling that could be raised (will they raise it? ...of course they will borrow some more, whether you…

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Writing and recording

I am currently writing songs for a new album and I start co writing with a friend of mine, DC Cardwell, in the next couple of weeks. That should be a blast.  

Hello Me To You radio release for U.S.A and Europe

Hello Me To You (the single) was released on 6th July to 2,300 radio stations worldwide including
      - FM (All Major Markets)
      - Europe FM (Italy, France, Germany, London, and Spain)
      - College Radio
      - On Demand 
      - Sirius Satellite…

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Matt Swanton's last gig with The Methinks

Dear friends, it is with much sadness that I announce that the man of many talents, Matt Swanton, is leaving The Methinks at the end of the year. Matt was pivotal in the latest incarnation of The Methinks in recent…

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