SATURDAY’S CHILD is Australian musician, producer-songwriters Victor Stranges and Frank Apicella.

Stranges and Apicella became acquainted when they separately attended a recording session run by legendary Australian record producer Mark Opitz AM at Thirty Mill Studios Melbourne Australia in March 2021. Opitz was producing a four-track EP for Victor’s son Sam’s indie band, Lipstereo. 

Apicella , a long-time friend of Opitz’s, often sat in on the producer’s recording sessions to learn and observe. Stranges was there to give his son moral support. “I bought the cannoli and Frank made the espresso” said Stranges. Stranges and Apicella immediately connected, both having Southern Italian backgrounds and sharing similar life experiences growing up. This connection resulted in the birth of Saturday's Child which is essentially a studio project. They released their edgy soul debut single on Australian label, Possum Records, titled ‘Cola’ featuring Melbourne R&B Singer Ema Jay on 1st Jul, 2022. Visit the website: