1. Morning Star

From the recording Hello Me To You

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Life gets in the way of a perfect day
Seems like we’ve been on the shelf for way too long
This is your song coming fast
No time to dwell in the past

Oh, I didn’t mean to spoil your perfect dream
That’s no reason for you to kiss it goodbye
Don’t you cry, take my hand
Your every wish is my command

Do do do do
Do do do do
Do do do do do do do do do oo oo

Let me tell you now and let me show you how
What we have cannot be confined to this verse
So let’s reverse this reckoning
‘Cause eternity is beckoning

When the Morning Star
Rises in your heart as the day dawns
You will know for certain
You will know for sure
You will sing this song…

© 2009 Victor Stranges/Matt Swanton