1. Tonight

From the recording Hello Me To You

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You were the One when I first met You
You were the One that blessed my heart
You spoke the earth into existence
Like a flame from a spark

There are mountains in the way
How I’ve seen better days
But I will run to You
Tonight, tonight, tonight, to You tonight

The world has hypnotized the morning
Why’s it an automatic drag
Why do I look back to yesteryear
To see my hopes and dreams rolled in a tear?

O Holy Spirit, find the truth in me
Tonight, tonight, tonight

But when it’s all been said and done
I want to stand before the Lord
Who can deny the power of His love?
This stunning promise from above

Tonight I’ll look to You
Tonight You’re gonna be there too
Tonight, tonight

Tonight I want to lay it on the floor for You
And start again again
Come wipe the tears
Tonight’s a very special night
O Tonight

© 2009 Victor Stranges