1. Mud In Her Ear

From the recording Heading Back To You

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Come on boy, you’ll have to tell her
About your weekend companion
Cowering for bliss
Sealing your fate with a kiss
But you made her your wife when that question was rife
When she saw it all you knew it was only warts

A little bit on the weekend could make you a champion
(Say it loud, say what you mean)
But she’s left standing forever holding her broken pieces

She’s got mud in her ear
She was born way too sincere
She seems unaffected on the outside
But you know her tears were the longest in years she cried

Soon there’s just no magic in the air
She cut out the fuse and gave you silly hopeless blues
Over and over tonight

But tell her the fears that no one answers
And you could sell them over the counter
She was born way too sincere
Too sincere

© 2002 Victor Stranges