1. Blue Doubts

From the recording Heading Back To You

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Dreamt a band of gold and a flower in your hair
And who can doubt the fear on the face you wear?
I’ve jemmyed all I can, you know I’d be the man that
Comes too late on a Monday to see that you light is closed

Just when you thought that you could see everything
The music in my head could be the bliss of every king
My intentions aren’t that clear, but would you volunteer your
Summer years with me to prove that the world exists?

Blue doubts are going to keep me dark
They’re always pointing at the rainbows in my street
Every time we meet

Sometimes I think of all the things that you say
And how it’s only me that could kick the doubts away
Your pledge seems so true, don’t want to make you blue
But to leave a stone unturned, could get your fingers burned

But the roadworks always take too long
You know that I didn’t think I could be that strong

Blue doubts are going to keep me dark
Blue doubts can only take your heart

© 2002 Victor Stranges