From the recording Heading Back To You

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Tonight I shed my sickness onto this evil bed
And let the grass grow over inside your pretty head
It’s too late to say goodbye, it’s too late for a promise
But you stitched me up so good this time
How was I to notice?

That sin…snuck up on the world
Before you put your graveshirt on and sink into the limbo
Hit him hard, don’t listen
‘Cause there’s nothing he can do for you

Face front the judgement chair
The kids are coughing up your phlegm
One side the motherland, the other the fatherland
“Don’t cry my little one, don’t cry for me my baby”
You can’t sweep it underneath the rug
You’ve got to comb it in your hair
It’ll make them stare at…

Dregs…in your dirty hair
Tin pot crooked furniture and rabbits ‘neath your hat
Painted girls and the madmen
Did someone put a curse on you?

Now with the wolves you’ve toyed
They’ve turned you from a blue-eyed boy
Into a one-eyed hack, embittered cleptomaniac
We can cut off both your hands and plant them like a tree
And spare for all the hurt inside
'Til the wind burns off your brittle leaves

But where…is my pretty girl?
She could make for a cultured pearl
So tender and thickskinned, shovelling the coal
Way down in the hole
Didn’t want to be somebody’s fool
Did someone put a curse on you?

© 2002 Victor Stranges