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Everyday I Write The Hook... 

Victor Stranges Plays The Elvis Costello Songbook

His admiration for Elvis Costello started when he played drums in his first serious band in the 1980s. It was a punk band playing a three chord country rendition of Oliver's Army. He was "hooked" ever since.  ​​ 

To Stranges, Costello songs became melodic puzzles that needed to be codified in his own mind. He spent the next few years meticulously learning songs from his albums starting with My Aim Is True (1977) and finishing somewhere around All This Useless Beauty (1996). It was a journey he relished in and the songs became a major influence on his own writing style.   ​ 

Everyday I Write The Hook is not a costume changing tribute show but more an affirmation of Stranges' love for the songs of Elvis Costello which are played solo on acoustic guitar. The songs are stripped back, revealing their subtlety and glorious structures.  

​Stranges is an original recording artist who's album, "Hello Me To You," was named as one of the Best Albums of 2009 by Pop Underground. Pop Underground is a community of writers, musicians, industry observers and fans united in their love of insanely great popular music. 




2nd February, 2014 - Pop Preservation Society 

Last year I was asked to play some shows at Mission To Seafarers in Melbourne. My agent, Nancy, said can I get someone to sing some backing vocals with me. I immediately thought of my son, Samuel. The poor boy has had to put up with my pop leanings at home since he was born. To his credit, he suggested we do this track and I must admit it is one of my favourite songs we do: