Victor Stranges (solo)

Rozzi's Italian Canteen (Food Atrium - Lower Ground - Chadstone Shopping Centre), 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone

I am very excited to be performing THIS THURSDAY MORNING (around 9:30am!) at the opening of Rozzi's Italian Canteen's second location at Chadstone Shopping Centre (Food Atrium - Lower Ground).

Back story - one of the owners is a very good friend of mine (Dean!). Spoiler case you don't know about Rozzi''s casual dining with REAL Italian food! Yep, this has been sanctioned by those in the know...Italians!

It's a different kind of gig but anything could happen! Very exciting. Drop past for some food or a coffee and it will be great to see you there! Rock on Chadstone.