For the first time in 10 years, Victor Stranges will be performing with a new line up of The Methinks at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar with Man City Sirens and The Reasons.

Victor Stranges & The Methinks will be playing songs from the albums, Heading Back To You (2002) and Hello Me To You (2009). The evening promises to be a great line up of Melbourne rock 'n' roll on the Cup Eve long weekend.

"Victor Stranges is a world class songwriter and one of the most able multi-instrumentalists you're likely to come across. Carrying the flame of literate, melodic post-punk artists to cherish from Elvis Costello down. He sings it like he means it." DC Cardwell

"Strangely enough, he sounds more like he began as a lounge singer, pulled from a musical at a young age and indoctrinated into a punk lifestyle of hard guitars and dark clubs." Brad McNaughton, Rip It Up (Adelaide)

"Hello Me To You, it's great." Edwyn Collins

Also appearing are Man City Sirens who play polyphonic rock music: opera meets the punky popular. The Reasons are a new outfit and can be best described as The Monkees meets The Velvet Underground fighting over a car parking spot in Melbourne.

Tickets $10 each at the door on the night.

Doors open 8:00pm for an 8:30pm start.